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Professional Landscaping and Tree Service in North Houston

If you want to keep your lawn looking pristine but don't have the time to mow, fertilize, weed and maintain it, our family-owned company, Green Tech Landscaping & Tree Service, is here to help.
From removing unsightly tree stumps to restoring patches of unhealthy grass, we have encountered every type of landscaping issue. We can also remove overgrown portions of trees and show you how to keep them healthy.
Our company provides services for both commercial and residential properties.
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Landscaping Services

Some types of grass grow faster than others do and require frequent mowing. Our services not only include mowing, but also includes edging to help keep your lawn looking uniform at every curve and corner. We know when to fertilize the lawn to keep it looking vibrant and green and we also provide mulching services.
Weed control is another essential element of a healthy lawn. Since weed roots grow and spread swiftly, they can destroy patches of your lawn, flowers or garden, but we will take care of them quickly and efficiently.
If you need flowerbeds planted, we can plant them and ensure that the soil provides ample nutrients. We can also help with general spring cleanup around the yard to get your property ready for summer.
When we finish our work, we clean up your walkways and leave your yard looking tidy.

Tree Services

If your trees are overgrown and touching your home or business, they increase your risk for damage outdoors and pest infestations indoors. Your insurance company may also consider trees with branches that hang over a roof as a dangerous liability.
Let us help you keep your trees trimmed for improved safety and aesthetics. We offer tree planting, pruning, trimming and removal, as well as stump grinding and removal.
Call us today for a free estimate. We are a proud family business that is bonded, licensed and insured. We have nearly two decades of experience to offer. Se habla Español.
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