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Prompt Tree Service in North Houston

If you have a tree that looks unhealthy, we can assess it to see if it can be saved. Some trees develop diseases that spread and make them a risk to other trees, but we will be able to catch any problems – or potential problems – quickly and provide a solution.
For problem areas that are high, we have special equipment to reach them safely for our employees and your property. Our professionals are able to solve most problems, whether the solution involves extensive pruning or cutting down the tree.
Image of a person cutting tree branch

Tree Removal

You shouldn't trust just anyone to remove a tree. Hiring someone who is not insured, licensed or bonded is a risk. Our professionals have experience in safely removing trees and know the correct methods to keep you, your home and our workers safe.
We clean up the remaining branches, leaves and debris. We also remove the stump and can mask the empty area with grass or creative landscaping.

Stump Removal

We use a special grinding tool with a disc that chips away at a stump until it is gone. The grinder turns the root and any protruding wood into small chips.
Many people make the mistake of renting these tools and trying to remove stumps alone. This is dangerous if you haven't been properly trained to use one. Our professionals have years of experience safely using grinders, and we can get the entire stump out of your yard in a timely manner.
We are also happy to trim away limp or dying parts of a tree, and we trim bushes or trees that are too close to your home or business.
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